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The Preppy Owl

Cat Collar Breakaway, Valentine Kitty Collar - Hot Pink Kitten Collar

Cat Collar Breakaway, Valentine Kitty Collar - Hot Pink Kitten Collar

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Pamper your feline friend with our Valentine Breakaway Cat Collar, a stylish and safety-conscious accessory designed for love and protection. Crafted with a breakaway buckle, it ensures your cat's safety by easily releasing in case of unexpected tugs or snags. The charming Valentine's Day-themed design adds a touch of love to your pet's ensemble, making it the perfect gift for your beloved fur companion. Let your cat strut in style while staying safe on this special day of love!

♥ Collars are 3/8"W.
♥ Collars are only made with a plastic buckle. This allows for a lightweight collar around your pet's neck.
♥ Collars are made with soft 100% cotton fabric, providing maximum comfort.
♥ The bell is an option and can be purchased by selecting the "Breakaway w/Bell" option from the Hardware Drop-Down Menu.
♥ The fabric shown in the pictures will be used. Fabric patterns vary of course and the collar you receive may show slight differences.
♥ Collar is washable. We suggest a mild detergent and hand-washing the collar.

♥ Small : adjustable 5” to 8”, width 3/8”
♥ Medium : adjustable 7” to 10”, width 3/8”
♥ Large : adjustable 9” to 12”, width 3/8”

♥ Buckle Option ♥
- If you don't want a breakaway buckle, please select the "Non-Breakaway" option from the Hardware drop-down menu. We will use a NON-breakaway buckle for your order.

A breakaway safety buckle is primarily for cats and are designed to pop open if tugged on with a certain amount of force, to ensure an emergency 'getaway' if your pet is caught on something. Do not use a leash with this collar.

A NON-Breakaway buckle DOES NOT auto-release. The only way to open them is to pinch the side releases to unclasp the buckle. This is the most common type used for dog collars.

Please do NOT order a breakaway collar if you plan to walk your pet on a leash with the same collar — get the non-breakaway option if this is the case (whether for a dog or cat).

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