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The Preppy Owl

Cat Collar Breakaway, Fall Leaves Cat Collar Bell, Kitten Safety Collar

Cat Collar Breakaway, Fall Leaves Cat Collar Bell, Kitten Safety Collar

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♥ Cat Collars - 2 Business Days to Ship
♥ Bow Tie's (Attachable) - 2 Business Days to Ship
♥ Dog Collars (Non-Engraved Collars & Leashes) - 2 to 3 BUSINESS DAYS to Ship
♥ Dog Collars (Engraved Dog Collars & Leashes) - 8 to 10 BIZ DAYS to Ship
♥ PDF Patterns/Tutorials - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Fall themed pet collar is available in multiple sizes for cats, kittens + small dogs. All of our collars are carefully handmade, one-at-a-time, ensuring luxury, quality, safety and comfort for your pet.

♥ Collars are 3/8"W.
♥ Collars are only made with a plastic buckle. This allows for a light weight collar around your pet's neck.
♥ Collars are made with soft 100% cotton fabric, providing maximum comfort.
♥ The bell is an option and can be purchased by selecting the "Breakaway w/Bell" option from the Hardware Drop-Down Menu.
♥ The fabric shown in the pictures will be used. Fabric patterns vary of course and the collar you receive may show slight differences.
♥ Collar is washable. We suggest a mild detergent and hand-washing the collar.

♥ Small : adjustable 5” to 8”, width 3/8”
♥ Medium : adjustable 7” to 10”, width 3/8”
♥ Large : adjustable 9” to 12”, width 3/8”

♥ Buckle Option ♥
- If you don't want a breakaway buckle, please select the "Non-Breakaway" option from the Hardware drop-down menu. We will use a NON-breakaway buckle for your order.

A breakaway safety buckle is primarily for cats and are designed to pop open if tugged on with a certain amount of force, to ensure an emergency 'getaway' if your pet is caught on something. Do not use a leash with this collar.

A NON-Breakaway buckle DOES NOT auto-release. The only way to open them is to pinch the side releases to unclasp the buckle. This is the most common type used for dog collars.

Please do NOT order a breakaway collar if you plan to walk your pet on a leash with the same collar — get the non-breakaway option if this is the case (whether for a dog or cat).

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