Appleberry Attic Rewards Program

Earn Appleberry Attic™ Reward Points while you shop!

There are many simple ways to receive points with Appleberry Attic™, LLC. In turn, the more points you accrue, the more reward discounts you will receive to use on future purchases. Read below for the variety of ways you can earn reward points with us!


Ways to Earn Points

Welcome Points - 200 points
Awarded to customers for signing up in program

Customer makes an order
Receive 5 Appleberry Attic™ Rewards Points for every $1 spent

Refer a Friend - 500 points
Refer a Friend and receive 500 Appleberry Attic™ Points. Your friend will also receive a 10% coupon.

Sharing on Facebook - 25 points
Receive 25 points on your first share of our page or a Appleberry Attic™ post

Liking page on Facebook - 25 points
Like our Appleberry Attic™ Facebook page and receive 25 points

Following on Instagram - 25 points
Follow our Instagram account and receive 25 points

Customer Birthday - 50 Points
On your birthday, we celebrate YOU by gifting you 50 rewards points!

How to Spend Your Appleberry Attic Reward Points

$5 off Appleberry Attic Coupon- 500 Appleberry Attic™ Rewards Points
$10 off Appleberry Attic Coupon- 1000 Appleberry Attic™ Rewards Points
$25 off Appleberry Attic Coupon- 2500 Appleberry Attic™ Rewards Points