Appleberry Attic™ | Craft Class

At Appleberry Attic™, LLC., we love crafting and we have a strong passion for it that we are offering craft nights on a biweekly basis.

Our intent is to bring craft enthusiasts together who also share this passion.  Craft night is a wonderful and healthy way in which people can get together to create, recharge and connect with others who have similar interests! When it comes to crafts, sewing projects, and DIY’s… we take great pride in providing unique and current trending categories to individuals.

We never want to limit our projects to just one category, so we make sure that we are continually working on new projects, techniques and ideas.

One month you could see us creating floral wreaths, sewing a lap quilt and knitting. The next month you could see us painting lawn signs or holiday ornaments.

So, “What is a Craft Class” you ask?

Each month Appleberry Attic™ hosts 2 Public Events.

We pick the craft or crafts for that night and you are able to purchase your spot right here on this website. You get to choose the date that works best for you. Whether you come by yourself or with a friend, we promise you’ll have a wonderful time!

When you arrive for your scheduled class we will provide all the materials and instructions to make your chosen craft. You can customize your project with your choice of paints, florals, fabrics, techniques, and extras.

By the end of the night, you will leave with your handmade and one of a kind beautiful piece So grab your mom, sister, friend, or neighbor and get to one of our classes asap!

We can’t wait to craft with you!